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Immersive Technology Conference: 
How VR and AR are shaping education in Africa

Conference 26 Jan 2023
Workshops 23-25 Jan 2023

About Us

Digital Gen Foundation is an African technology education Non-Profit organization, registered as Digital Gen Solutions. We apply a grassroots approach to impact Quality Education in underserved communities, especially youth and children through Tech training, meetup and mentoring in order to address local problems using cutting-edge technologies such as Web/Mobile Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Graphics Designing, Social Media, AI, Advanced Analytics/Data Science while creating opportunities in Tech and Entrepreneurship. Our goal is to help African communities to build a sense of efficacy as technology inventors and leaders, eventually leading to greater community resilience.

DGF’s mission is to create enriched learning platform where varieties of tech skills, leadership training and opportunities would be leveraged to afford equal benefit for marginalized youth in underserved communities.

Digital gen foundation is an Information, Technology, skills and opportunities non profit organisation, aims at nurturing young minds in Africa communities

What we do

We have trained over 100 African youth in various aspect of Tech, and also provide them resources to enhance their continue learning process and sustainability . Our approach towards social impact are borderless because we employ both online and physical means to develop the interest of Africans in Digital knowledge and Tech tools.


We train African youth on tech skills to position them as Global citizen right there from their communities.


We expose people to software and smart App that enable them to solve complex problem and hacks.


We give valuable career guide, life nuggets and support child education in marginalized African communities.


We build leadership capacity in young people while preparing them for community and Global participation.

What we have achieved

We run projects in over 30 communities in Africa Continent

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Training Organized Physically and Online
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